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Learn More About Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Discover more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic, the unique technique that Dr. Forest uses at Forest Chiropractic Centers. Watch our 2-minute video by clicking on the thumbnail.

More About Upper Cervical Chiropractic


The x-rays taken prior to your first correction allow us to locate the exact position of your misalignment. With careful analysis, we plan out a precise correction formula that we’ll use to restore your spine to its proper alignment.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a gentle technique that does not involve “popping” or “twisting” of the neck or back.. You’ll be surprised at how gentle and precise the adjustments will be!


By focusing on correcting the upper cervical spine and not just the areas with problems, the body will be able to function accurately for a longer term. This will also allow the body to recover effectively.

Why Upper Cervical in Alameda?

Dr. Forest has always taken the time to listen and treat me in a professional and caring manner. More importantly, he is and excellent clinical chiropractor and I would not consider going to another. I can’t even count the times I have had migraines, have gone to see him and be relieved when nothing else helped, including prescription drugs.
Rhondee Epperson, Fremont
In my late teens and dearly twenties I was unable to sit for more than two hours at a time for nice dinners, meetings or movies. I just took it for granted that I would live in discomfort for the rest of my life. After my first six weeks my progress was incredible. I continued my treatment and actually looked forward to going. I have been able to refer my mother in good conscience.
Kim Barros, Hayward
His treatment not only helps with my neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand pain but I haven’t had so much as a cold or even had to see a doctor for an illness in so many years, I can’t remember... I haven’t been ill, I haven’t even met my new primary doctor assigned to me at Kaiser 2 years ago!
Peggy Searcy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not adjust the other segments?
When the upper cervical spine subluxates, it causes distortions in other parts of the spine for which the body will then compensate. Many times these distortions or adaption's create dysfunction and/or symptoms. If we then attempt to correct something that is not the cause of the problem, we are now, in fact, creating a problem.
When we correct the real cause, the body can undo the distortions and we no longer need to adapt. Since your body made the adaption, we let your body reverse that adaptation.
I have had spinal surgery. My doctor said I shouldn't see a chiropractor
Most medical doctors have limited understanding of what chiropractors actually do and even less understanding of what an upper cervical chiropractor does. They think that we will be twisting and popping the spine and they are concerned that we will damaged already weakened tissue. Since upper cervical care places minimal stress on the spinal joints (adjustments are done with the neck in a neutral position) and in many cases not near the area of surgery, the care is extremely safe. A very through examination is done prior to any care to be sure the care will be both safe and effective.

By the way, do you know that chiropractors have the lowest malpractice insurance rates of any profession.
Why do you need to take x-rays?
An upper cervical subluxation can create so much harm to the function of your nervous system and therefore your health. Just as a proper correction of that subluxation can do so much good, an improper force introduced can do as much harm. The anatomy of each individual is as unique as you are. To make the most effective correction, it is vital to know the shape of each of the joints being corrected.
Why don't you adjust on each visit?
When you walk into a room with the light on, do you turn on the light switch? Of course not. An Upper Cervical doctor determines that a subluxation exists on a visit prior to making a correction. If no subluxation is present, no correction is needed. It is not the adjustment that heals the body, it is the nervous system being free of interference that allows the body to heal.
Why should I get checked when I feel fine?
What is your goal? Do you just want to be out of pain? (Drugs can many times do that.) Do you want to be off pain medication? Do you want to be able to do normal every day activities without pain? Or do you wish to have ALL of the signals traveling along the nerves to and from the brain to do so free of interference? Chiropractic is not about pain relief, but nervous system function. The decision to seek or continue care is always yours, but don't shortchange your health by having pain be your guide. In most cases slow gradual damage occurs long before the pain starts.
Why Should Children Have Chiropractic Care?
There are many reasons why children receive chiropractic care. Many spinal problems seen in adults begin as early as birth. Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth many parents have their newborns checked. Even 'natural' birthing methods can stress a developing spine. The resulting irritation to the nerve system caused by spinal and cranial misalignment can be the cause of many newborn health complaints. Colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions can often be traced to nerve system dysfunction.

An infant, learning to hold up the head, sit, crawl and walk are all activities that affect spinal alignment and are important times to have a child checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic. Because the body is still developing, uncorrected spine and nervous system dysfunction can lead to problems that stay with them for life.

Want to know how a misalignment can affect your body?

Are you in pain or suffering? Is your body telling you that something is wrong or isn’t working properly as it should? Explore a different approach to maintain your health.

Call us during our office hours, or send us a message using our contact form. We’ll respond to your message as soon as we can.
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