7 Shocking Facts About Silent Migraines

You may know about migraines, but have you heard about silent migraines? This type is relatively uncommon and hard to spot. Check out a few facts you should know about them. We'll finish with a natural technique to relieve yourself of these severe migraines from our chiropractor in Alameda. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Forest […]

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Can A Pillow Cause Neckache? A Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Alameda Answers

Yes, and that is the straight answer.  Our chiropractor for neck pain in Alameda shares that pillows can contribute to neck pain. If you find your set too soft or too hard, you are up for an uncomfortable sleep and likely would get a sore neck when you wake up. Some words of caution, though—pillows […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Neck Pain as a Migraine Symptom

Many migraine sufferers experience neck pain but don’t even associate it along with the neurological condition. We expect a migraine to include a severe headache, nausea and vomiting, sensory sensitivity, and other similar symptoms. But neck pain is often written off as being unrelated. Could neck pain actually be the most common migraine symptom? If […]

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Coping Strategies for University Students with Vertigo

Our vertigo chiropractor in Alameda wants to provide helpful coping tips for college or university students who suffer from vertigo attacks. Students who experience random bouts of vertigo are worried. They are terrified of going to school as they deal with inner ear disorders that may bring about unexpected vertigo attacks. If you are looking […]

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The 5 Best Essential Oils for Vertigo and Natural Care that Provides Hope

Many people who are suffering from vertigo are looking for drug-free ways to keep it under control. Today, we are going to discuss two things: the essential oils for vertigo and upper cervical care. First, let’s look at the top 5 essential oils for vertigo patients. Read the full blog post: The 5 Best Essential Oils […]

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Available Methods to Deal with Migraines

Having a painful migraine on your busiest day is such a bummer. But, unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence for about 39 million Americans. Don’t mistake migraines for “just headaches” as they are different in so many ways. Migraines can be more intense and may bring about various symptoms out of nowhere. On average, migraine episodes […]

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