Having a painful migraine on your busiest day is such a bummer. But, unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence for about 39 million Americans.

Don’t mistake migraines for “just headaches” as they are different in so many ways. Migraines can be more intense and may bring about various symptoms out of nowhere. On average, migraine episodes last between 4 to 72 hours. Migraines are the type of illness that could creep in at any time and sometimes disable you from doing your regular routines. 

Migraines often display these symptoms:

If you are looking for good ways to deal with the never-ending pain of migraines, then you're just on the right page. Read until the end to learn what works to cope with the pain. We will also introduce you to a migraine chiropractor in Alameda who knows how to get into the root of your suffering. 

Know Your Risk for Migraines

Below is a list of risk factors for migraine progression.

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More Migraine Facts

Who gets migraines, and how common are they?


More Migraine Symptoms to Watch Out For

Migraine symptoms vary from person to person. Your migraine symptoms may not be as severe as how others feel them. Other general symptoms of migraine include:


Available Methods to Cope with A Painful Migraine

Unlike in the past decades, migraine care options are now more available. In addition, studies and treatment developments pave the way for more accessible remedies and drugs for migraine symptoms. Some of them include: 

Visit our Office for a Certified Migraine Chiropractor in Alameda

Dr. Forest, our migraine chiropractor in Alameda, can help manage and eliminate your symptoms. He does gentle and precise adjustments to get your upper cervical spine back to its normal position. 

This type of method is called upper cervical chiropractic care. It can help relieve the stress on your nervous system, thus making way for a faster and more natural migraine relief. In addition, having a well-aligned upper cervical spine can help your nervous system work more effectively. 

Now is the time to make a major difference. If your pain stems from either a neck injury or head trauma, seeing our migraine chiropractor in Alameda makes perfect sense. He can help you in your quest to cope with migraines.

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