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Yes, and that is the straight answer.  Our chiropractor for neck pain in Alameda shares that pillows can contribute to neck pain. If you find your set too soft or too hard, you are up for an uncomfortable sleep and likely would get a sore neck when you wake up.

Some words of caution, though—pillows are not the only factors to consider if neck pain greets you when you wake up. This article will review contributing factors as well as an incredibly natural way to achieve neckache relief.


Blame These for Your Neck Pain

When in pain, the need to blame something becomes prominent. Here are the possible culprits:


Although we have addressed this earlier, it still deserves the top spot here. A set that does not properly support the head, neck’s curve, and upper shoulders can easily lead to a less flexible neck in the morning. Some people reach out for soft pillows to cushion their heads. While that is good, such sets don’t provide the needed reinforcement for the neck’s curve.

Visualize this – you are on your side with your head burrowed into your pillow. However, your neck is up in the air. Probably not all of it, but a good part. If this goes on for the entire time you are asleep, the strain of staying in that position can activate pain centers in this area.

Take the time to shop for suitable pillows. Test them before finalizing your purchase. Why? Because you will be using them daily, and you wouldn’t want to deal with constant pain in the neck region every day, right?

Same head position

Whether you are a truck driver, a receptionist, or a hairstylist, you likely hold the same head position for an hour. Every chiropractor for neck pain in Alameda stresses the need to avoid doing this.

You might not feel it, but your upper body is struggling to keep this position while making you feel comfortable to complete your tasks. Only when the strain is too great to mask, then you start feeling the pain. In reality, the pain set in some time before you sensed it.

If you are a truck driver on a long-haul trip, make sure you rotate your neck or move it sideways every top of the hour. When you do this, it can help release building tension and keep neck strain at bay. Do the same, whether you work at your desk or climb a rock wall. According to Climbing, regular neck motion is the key people need to avoid pain.

You can try different neck movements between sessions if you are a model. The critical part here is to avoid holding on to the same position from when you start your day till you wrap it up.

Sports activities

Certain types of sports, particularly those involving many contacts, can prove to be taxing to the head and neck. Therefore, ensure you wear the appropriate headgear to protect your head and neck from blows leading to injury.

It might be best to work with your team’s physical therapist or chiropractor to address post-game issues. A chiropractor for neck pain in Alameda can help correct any alignment issues due to all the hustle and bustle during the game.

Recent accidents

You might be thinking this does not apply to me if you have not figured in any accidents recently. Good for you. 

What about a slip in the kitchen or a bump against a low headroom? People often do not consider these accidents and quickly dismiss the idea that their neck pain might have been due to seemingly innocent events.

Well, they might not have been so painless after all. A simple fall that caused you heaps of embarrassment might have sent force so intense to traverse your spine and reach your head and neck. A bump against a low headroom might not have resulted in swelling. However, dislocated discs can result from your automatic neck snap in response to the pain.

Pain can mask pain, so some people find it unbelievable that such simple events caused their neck aches.


Seeing this factor here has likely caused you to feel more stressed out. Increasing levels of stress cause pressure to build up the body. It is normal for a stressed-out person to feel tightening in the head, neck, and even chest areas when this happens. Did you know that migraines, stiff neck, and heart attack list stress as a significant contributing factor?

If you don’t want to be a statistic, incorporating relaxation techniques in your life might help. The adverse effects of stress are countless, so it might be helpful if you start keeping the levels low.


See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Alameda

Our chiropractor at Forest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Centers in 2232 Santa Clara Avenue Alameda, CA 94501, helps locals ease their neck pains due to a neck misalignment. A certified chiropractor for neck pain in Alameda, Dr. Steven Forest uses the Blair technique, a precise approach that gently restores the spine’s bones and discs to their original alignment. Once he does so, those complaining of neck pain may experience a reduction in their discomfort level.

Upper cervical realignment helps restore the body’s balance. He understands that a misaligned neck and spine can lead to numerous pain-centered issues, whether dislodged bones and discs are due to sports activities or simple accidents.

If you have been looking for a natural approach to address your recurring neck pain, then schedule your appointment with us. It might now be time to stop blaming the pillows for your neck pain.


To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Forest, call our Alameda office at 510-522-1818. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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