2232 Santa Clara Avenue Alameda, CA 94501
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<p>Handle Brain Fog and Vertigo Effectively with Blair Chiropractic in Fremont</p>
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Handle Brain Fog and Vertigo Effectively with Blair Chiropractic in Fremont

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<p>Finding Relief from Vertigo with Blair Chiropractic in Fremont</p>
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Finding Relief from Vertigo with Blair Chiropractic in Fremont

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<p>Blair Chiropractic in Fremont Helps Address Severe Neck Pain</p>
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Blair Chiropractic in Fremont Helps Address Severe Neck Pain

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<p>Neck Pain and Shoulder Tightness All Gone Through Upper Cervical Care</p>
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Neck Pain and Shoulder Tightness All Gone Through Upper Cervical Care

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<p>Neck, Back, And Leg Pain Eased At Forest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center</p>
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Neck, Back, And Leg Pain Eased At Forest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center

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<p>65-year-old Man Free From Neck Pain Thanks To Upper Cervical Care</p>
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65-year-old Man Free From Neck Pain Thanks To Upper Cervical Care

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Very helpful for my sciatica. Found another practitioner closer that uses the same technique closer to home.

Tom V

Wonderful experience for 2 years I have moved to North Carolina so I am so sorry I will not be a patient any longer I will miss you

Yeyefini E

It was great. A nice friendly environment. Very professional service and always welcoming

Kevin F

I love Dr Forest's practice. He is very knowledgeable and steady. I have moved to another state and can no loner see him. I still recommend him to my friends in the Bay Area. I'm seeing a colleague of his where I live now

Whitney L

Coming to see Dr. forest has been a lifesaver for me and my migraines. It's been a good experience and I would definitely recommend his services to any of my friends. That is how I got recommended it was from a friend but it has helped me tremendously

Judith T

Good job and excellent treatment. My wife and I were extremely happy

Qualik T

Dr. Forest upper cervical chiropractic center has changed my life. I have been coming here for years and I always leave feeling better. Thank you Dr. Forest!

Taeis W

I have been going to Dr. Forest for more than 30 years, and he has helped me incredibly to stay healthy. At one time my back was so bad that I could scarcely stand upright. After being adjusted on a regular basis, my back we totally healed and strong WITHOUT surgery. I continue to see Dr. Forest for occasional adjustments to keep me in shape. I cannot recommend him highly enough

Steve S

Very Happy

Sura V

I actually have not had an appt. in a long time. However, my last experience went well. 🙂

Susanna K


Shirley K


Sarah P

I had been a patient of Dr. Forest for almost 4 years before I moved from the area. His expertise, knowledge, and experience is worth the visit. He helped me through severe nerve pain that caused loss of 40% of my feeing to my left side and 60% strength loss. I am back to 100% today due to his experience. I highly recommend seeing him if you have are having any myalgia or nerve problems. Do not continue to suffer. I count myself fortunate for not living with it and deciding to do something before my problem became permanent. Stick with it! It will get better!

Peter K

Are you no longer in Alameda? You guys are great!

Pamela C

Dr. forests practice is essential for quality of life

Paul P

I would still be coming in for treatment except for the covid restrictions and will come back when safe The check in procedure drove me crazy always changing or not working There has to be a better way after the first visit

Pamela F

I feel well cared for by Dr. Forest and his staff.

Patt S

Dr Forest is a true professional. He gets down to the problem at hand and fixes it! My wife and I have been seeing him for years now and have never been disappointed yet. Its a small office that makes one feel at home. For those who have had lifelong issues with migraine headaches, shoulder and neck pain and your current chiropractor hasn't fixed the problem, why not give Dr Forest a try!

David J

Very good, I look forward to good results

Martha J

Very caring and comforting! Adrianavatvthevfrotbdesknis an Angel, so efficient and smart and kind.

Linda W

I suffered for over 15 years of chronic neck and lower back pain and tried every treatment I could find until I found the Blair method. Through Dr. Forest's treatments I'm cured and can resume all activities. Dr Forest is compassionate and I can't say enough great things.


Great! Always feel better after my visits.

Kelly M

Great service. Very knowledgeable and enlightening explanations. Quick and easy appointments.

Joshua R

Hello Doc, When I lived in CA you were my doctor and I love the care you gave me, your office was always wonderful and quiet, if I ever move back in the areal will surely come back to you as a patient, be blessed Jojo

Jojo P

The care is extremely helpful and Dr Forest is great to work with. I like the style of chiropractic more than others I have tried.

Jeff K

I first I was confused because it just felt like a single press on my neck, but Dr. Forest's method works wonders. I was a little disappointed the first day because I did not get all the fancy cracks but I saw improvements right away.

Ivan H

Extremely helpful.

Jack M

Very good. Dr Forest keeps me in alignment and makes me feel better.

Grace S

Excellent experienced and everything well explained.

Henry P

Very good.

George M

I realize I have been coming in for several yrs, maybe 5, ever since there was a screening at Alameda Curves. Dr Forest always makes me welcomed and comfortable in his care. My boss, at the time, allowed his staff to come to our club and offer alignment. I've been seeing him ever since.

Debbie P

I have been coming to Dr. Forest for 4 years. I have found the cervical method he uses to be most effective in keeping my recalcitrant vertebrae in order. Besides being effective, Dr. Forest is a very kind, compassionate person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking relief from spine-related pain.

Dorothy S

I felt great after my office visit with Dr. Forest.

Brenda A

Excellent care and Dr Forest helped locate and alleviate my sever neck pain.

Caleb K

Dr. Forest is always professional, caring, and compassionate. He is very flexible when I need to adjust my appointment schedule, which makes it easier for me to fit it into my life when something unexpected comes up. During these challenging times, dealing with Covid-19, he has taken extra precautions to ensure that both he and his patients are protected and safe. I always feel very comfortable going in for my appointments

Barbara A

I appreciate the services and the well being it provides in my self care agenda.

Benelia T

Excellent adjustment and customer service!

Becki C

Great! Wish people would believe me when I say how good it is for them.

Bea D

Informative, responsive and thankful your office is open and can help those of us in need. Upper cervical care, along with healthy eating and exercise is the best way to care for yourself!

Becky J

Dr. Forest is very knowledgeable and kind person I appreciate flexibility of the office regarding appointments and Find the Tx very helpful


All good

Anthony Z

Great! Although I wish temperatures were taken of each patient due to covid precautions.

Alexa Z

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